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What's that? Never heard of a doudou? A lovely little French word that's pronounced "doo doo", it's not what you think. Doudous offer a child comfort and security, becoming a favorite companion for play or nap time. We may call it a security blanket, blankie buddy, lovie, cozy or snuggler. Kids just call them friends. The whimsy of Douglas Cuddle Toy, North American Bear, Bunnies by the Bay, HABA, Mary Meyer and Rich Frog bring you quality baby lovies with style and charm. You might even want one of these little lovies for yourself.

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Bunnies By The Bay Blossom's Buddy Blanket Pink 110711 Bunnies By The Bay Kiddo Buddy Blanket Warm White 824711 Bunnies By The Bay Bye Bye Buddy Warm White 151100
Bunnies By The Bay Purr-ty Bye Bye Buddy 100009 Douglas Toy Duck Lil' Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1339 Douglas Toy Claire Stripes and Dots Lil' Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1399
Douglas Toys Fox Lil' Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1404 Douglas Bunny Lil' Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1402 Douglas Toys Giraffe Lil' Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1409
Douglas Owl Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1407 Douglas Toy Lamb SShlumpie Baby Lovie Blanket 1455 Douglas Cream Lamb Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1423
Douglas Monkey Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1420 Douglas Blue Bear Snuggler Douglas Toy Pink Elephant Lil' Snuggler Baby Lovie Blanket 1422
Douglas Pink Bear Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1421 Douglas Toys Spotted Giraffe Lil' Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1419 Douglas Star Pony Snuggler Lovie Blanket 1428
HABA Cuddly Cotti Organic Baby Cuddler 3956 HABA Sippity Sup Teether Baby Cuddly Blanket 3385 HABA Tatu-Tata Teether Cuddly 3396
HABA Buccaneer Bill Baby Cuddly 3644 Mary Meyer TAGGIES Buddy Dog Character Blanket Lovie 31745 Mary Meyer TAGGIES Oodles Owl Character Blanket Lovie 39305
Mary Meyer Mango Monkey Baby Blanket Lovie 35320 Mary Meyer Okey Dokey Dino Baby Blanket Lovie 37820 Mary Meyer Ella Bella Elephant Baby Blanket Lovie 37920
Sale Price: $16.99
Mary Meyer TAGGIES Dipsy Duck Character Blanket Lovie 40025 North American Bear Flatofrog Baby Cozy 2919 North American Bear Baby Bed Bugs Puppet Cozy Ladybug
Thank you for visiting Pilly Pootnik Toys! We appreciate your interest in our children's doudou comfort blankets. We'll be adding more to our infant toy line in the future, so check back with us. If you have a suggestion you would like to see included in Baby Lovie Security Blankets, we'd love to hear it.