"Pilly Pootnik" is the name of the imaginary character my sisters and I created when we were young. We acted out episodes of Pilly's antics and the ensuing turmoil, details of which can be further explored in Pilly's Tale. My sisters and I have long since grown up, moved to different geographical locations and taken different paths in life but the bond of Pilly still remains. After a brief reunion with my sisters and "reruns" of Pilly incidents, Pilly Pootnik Toys was founded to celebrate and encourage the fantasy lives of children.

Pilly's Mission

Pilly Pootnik promotes the fine art of goofing off with creative playthings that put kids in charge of their own imaginations. We choose to avoid the media-driven products, and focus instead on selections that surpass the latest fad or fashion. We search for the treasures that have fallen between the cracks of mass marketing and save the battery operated and technological stuff for another day. Kids have the rest of their lives for all that. We embrace fantasy, make believe and daydreaming because after all, Pilly Pootnik is Champion of the Imagination.

Our specialty store is not the big box variety, so what's in it for you? Glad you asked. Pilly offers a fine collection of toys and books that promote and support the imagination. We specifically select our playthings to give kids' imaginations and their natural love of creative play free reign. That's right, the freedom to fantasize without the necessity of adult supervision and structure. A lost art? Not in Pilly's world.

Pilly offers playthings that encourage kids to create their own pretend world, but our customers don't have to pretend they can afford them. Our products are well made and priced well. Who said imagination has to be expensive? Pilly strives to create a pleasant shopping experience for our visitors because we don't want buying toys to become one more chore in a long list of "To Do's". Pilly knows that it's the little things, like businesses doing their jobs well, than can make people's hectic lives more manageable. We've been there and we know.

In short, it's the Pilly Philosophy. Kids need time away from the bells and whistles in life. They are capable of entertaining themselves without being guided every step of the way. They need more unstructured time to independently reflect, dream, invent and control their own world. Some of the richest childhood memories are created with toys that are often simple in nature and allow them to explore their own individuality. We've chosen products that will help them do just that. Trust us on this.

Pilly Talks With Parents

Kids have plenty of time to face reality. There is a very small window of time when children feel that the sky's the limit, and they use their imaginations with wild abandon. Why rush through it? We often overwhelm those special years with the push towards technology, fashion crazes, and adult themes instead of enjoying and encouraging the fantasy worlds kids create. Kids need more opportunities for independent play, when they can take charge of their own activities and explore their imaginations at their own level and speed. In other words, no pressure. And parents need a break from feeling responsible for entertaining their children. It's important that kids learn to entertain themselves instead of looking to be entertained.

The pressure for kids to conform begins soon enough. Selecting a toy because "everybody else has it" encourages the mentality that following the crowd and the media gurus will bring them happiness. And that won't ring true for them in the future. While many aspects of mainstream life will be wonderful experiences for our kids, it's important to balance their play world with toys that reflect variety and individualism.

This is where Pilly comes in.

Pilly Partners

Pilly partners with parents because it's a big toy world out there. Our selections focus on age-appropriate play, and they're easy to use. We put special emphasis on creative play that is initiated and directed by kids. No need to get involved unless you really want to. But wait, there's more. Pilly provides a convenient avenue for parents seeking well made, affordable toys, and we help them locate the lesser-known gems of the toy universe. In other words, we offer very nice toys for a very nice price.

Pilly Helps Grandparents

Nothing produces more anxiety than roaming the aisles of a huge toy store and being unable to connect with any of the products. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your grandchild is waiting for a gift. This is usually about the time that grandparents desperately call someone to find out about the latest toy fad and quickly purchase an item that bears no resemblance to anything THEY ever played with. Too bad they can't even explain what it does. Not to worry.

Pilly offers a selection of toys that encourages pretend play and stimulates the imagination. They aren't packaged with directions in multiple languages and don't require a drill to put them together. No batteries, no wires, no computerized voice telling the kids what to do. All that's needed is a creative spirit. Ring a bell? Imagination is the common thread that runs through everyone's childhood. Some things never change.