At Pilly Pootnik, we've made it our business to be passionate about pretend play. We're dedicated to enhancing the imaginative world of children. Our playthings encourage creative play and promote the joy of fantasy, make believe and daydreaming. We're always on the lookout for toys that are stimulating, unique, well made, age appropriate and offer good, basic fun. That's our pledge.

At Pilly Pootnik, we stand for something. We're user friendly so shopping with us is not a chore. We provide service with integrity because our customers should be treated with honesty and respect. We offer value with a purpose so that imaginations are nurtured and money is well spent.

The Pilly Promise guarantees your purchase because we want you to be a happy camper. We'll accept a return of any product that doesn't meet your standards within 30 days of purchase. And holiday purchases receive an additional 60 days return time to accommodate early shopping. Best of all, we offer FREE shipping on orders of $65.00 or more. Now that's nice.

If you've got questions or concerns about your order, we're here to help. You can easily reach us by email or phone and talk to a real live person. We'll work it out together. We know you're looking for personalized customer service, and that's what we'll provide. It makes life a lot easier.